Animals Video

By Luke Kenton

This good Samaritan saved the life of a raccoon from a certain dumpster death in the nick of time after providing the stranded critter with a lifeline just seconds before the trash truck arrived.

The incredibly cute raccoon found itself in hot water, after a mischievous midnight raid of an open dumpster soon turned into a deadly situation in Viera, Florida.

Eagerly in search of a midnight snack, the nocturnal mammal failed to realise the rubbish contents of the bin were too low for him to be able to climb out again – as he dived in head-first regardless.

Just minutes before the garbage truck was set to arrive, thankfully for the doomed raccoon, good Samaritan Jennifer Glass, 45, happened to be throwing some rubbish away when she heard a whimpering cry emerging from the metal container, on March 14th.

Peering over to see the animal’s helpless, whiskered face, Jennifer sprung in to action, feeding the raccoon some sweets before rushing inside to grab a ladder.

With just seconds to spare, Jennifer was able to warn the incoming bin-men, who allow the creature to climb to safety.

She was later awarded a medal for her heroic efforts by her boyfriend, Steve Wilson.

Jennifer, who owns a production company, said: “I’d been throwing trash away in the dumpster behind my office, but instead of just tossing it in, for some reason I opted to gently place it.

“I immediately saw him and of course was startled before I realised he wasn’t a threat and he was in trouble.

“I love animals, even though I knew I was going to try and get him out, I also wanted to reassure him that everything was going to be okay.

“I would imagine that because raccoons are nocturnal that he’d probably been in there for some time – I found him at 9:15am.

“I rushed in to grab a ladder for him to climb out with, but I could see the trash truck approaching the parking lot. I knew I had to hurry.

“I was so happy he managed to get out in time, it made me feel that I was put there at the right time to rescue him.

“As for the medal my boyfriend gave me, he surprised me with it the next day and played Olympic themed music as he put it around my neck on a podium.”