Offbeat Video

By Charlotte Regen 

Masses of ear wax have been removed in a graphic video in a desperate attempt to save a man’s hearing.

Doctor Neel Raithatha, known as the Wax Whisperer, was working at his private audiology practice, The Hear Clinic, when the ear wax removal was filmed.

The footage, which was shot on April 4 2017, shows the Dr Neel removing the compacted ear wax that was deep within his ear canal.

But it’s not for the faint-hearted as clumps of thick yellow wax are extracted from the man ‘s ear during the five minute clip.

The man in the video – whose identity is unknown – has narrowly avoided his ear drum bursting as the wax build up was so severe.

Dr Neel, from Leicestershire, said: “I was worried that the eardrum could explode at any moment given how bulged it was!

“It was the most bulged I’ve seen the eardrum before and the infection was causing him great distress.

“The removal of the ear wax was made more difficult given it was stuck to the ear canal walls.

“It was an accumulation of ear wax over many years, the client felt he was almost completely deaf with it in.

“I had to delicately loosen the ear wax from the ear canal before removing it layer by layer.

“This was achieved by using an ear hook and suction probe.

“Once the ear wax had been cleared I could see that his eardrum was extremely bulged due to fluid build-up in the middle-ear usually caused by a blocked Eustachian tube, which is a narrow passage connecting the middle-ear to the back of the nose.”

Despite the man not causing any long term damage his bulging ear drum could have led to hearing loss.

Dr Neel added: “Generally ear infections aren’t dangerous just quite painful but the middle-ear infection can spread into the bone which surrounds the ear, which can potentially be dangerous.


“Ear wax should never be attempted to be removed by an individual themselves as they could inadvertently push it further into the ear canal and cause trauma within the ear.

“This procedure only took five minutes and was removed via endoscopically which is a technique that I developed and introduced into the UK myself. I also train ear professionals internationally in the procedure.”