Offbeat Video

By Curtis Mitchell 

A young girl has ticked off her bucket list dream after visiting the famous bunny rabbit island.

Izzie Cosgrove, 22, was living in Tokyo, Japan, when she flew to the Okunoshima island on December 15.

Pic by Izzie Cosgrove/Caters News

She had never been there before but took the short flight to tick the location off her bucket list.

And her trip didn’t disappoint, Izzie was amazed to see hundreds of rabbits running around her feet.

Izzie said: “I like travelling to odd locations and once I knew I was travelling to Japan I made it my goal to see the island. I wish I had travelled to even more unusual places!

Pic by Izzie Cosgrove/Caters News

“Everywhere you turned there was dozens of rabbits running towards people with food and at some points I saw over 400 in one group.

“I was in absolute awe. I think it’s one of those things that you think you know what it’s like by seeing the video but once you step foot onto the island the shock hits you that you’re actually experiencing this madness! I loved every second of it.”