Offbeat Video

By Curtis Mitchell

This intrepid biker gave a whole new meaning to speed dating when he got a girl’s phone number after performing a wheelie on a highway.

As Drew Griffith was riding through Colorado, USA, on March 23 he passed a black car and the female passenger threw the devil horns hand signal at him.

Taking it as a cue, the bike rider of 18 years performs a quick wheelie before pulling up to some traffic lights.


Once Drew had passed the intersection and had some more open road in front of him, he pulls another stunt, this time travelling further and for longer.

While stopped at another set of lights, the grinning girl wearing a white hoodie and leggings runs over to his bike and passes him a scrap of paper with her number on.

Drew said: “It was a bit out of the blue.

“Outside of the hand signal, wheelie and the phone number, there wasn’t much interaction.


“I have been riding bikes for 18 years now I’m in my thirties.

“Unfortunately, this happens less often than you’d hope.

“Normally people give me a thumbs-up or even a high five.”