Animals Video

 By Charlotte Regen

This is this adorable moment a Samoyed dog was filmed singing a song to the tune of her favourite squeaky toy.

Three-year-old Stella was captured mid performance by her owner Jeannie Lee at their home in Toronto.

Jeannie said: “She only sings to this particular squeak toy.

“She is normally very shy about it and will stop singing if she notices you watching her.

“She refuses to sing to anything else. She likes to make her own music with her toy like you see in the video, or she will sometimes sing if you squeak the toy for her.

“She’s had this toy since she was a baby. I should go out and buy a bunch more just in case the squeak gives up.

“I love it when she sings. She sings maybe once a week, so it’s a treat when she does. Sometimes her songs are short, sometimes she can go on for a few minutes singing like this.

“This time she sang for about a minute and a half.”