Offbeat Video

By Jack Williams

This fascinating project saw two telescope-carrying individuals take to streets, allowing members of the public to gain an up-close view of the Moon for the very first time.

In the amazing footage, people be seen breaking into Oohhs and Aahhs as they inspect everything from creators and the minute details on the surface.

Pic by Alex Gorosh / Caters

The project was the idea of friends Wylie Overstreet, 34, and Alex Gorosh, 32, who took to the streets of Los Angeles to find their subjects.

Wylie and Alex worked on their project, “A New View of the Moon,” for more than a year – a task that was as dependent on the weather and the Moon’s position as it was on their schedules.

Because the Moon needed to be in the right phase, the pair had roughly one week per month to capture people’s reactions.

In order to gather the reactions of a broad cross-section of humanity, the pair took to multiple neighbourhoods within the city.

Wylie, who lives in Los Angeles but grew up in Portland, Oregon, said: “Most people reacted the way it’s portrayed in the film, with varied mixes of awe, wonder, and disbelief.

Pic by Alex Gorosh / Caters

“Some of our favorite reactions were of people who literally didn’t believe their eyes; they thought there was some small model moon inside the telescope and this was all an elaborate prank.

“It’s addicting to watch these reactions over and over; each is a little different, individuated by the person’s background, age, and personality, but all exhibiting the same delighted emotions.

“It never gets old.”

The idea for the project came to Wylie during what he simply calls a moment of boredom.

Having noticed a crescent moon from his apartment window, he decided to take his telescope outside.

There, he was greeted by a young couple, and their reaction to trying out a telescope for the first time – and, soon after, the reactions of many others who flocked to take a look – reminded Wylie of what it was like to have that experience himself.

Pic by Alex Gorosh / Caters

Since recently releasing the footage of their work, Wylie and Alex have received a number of positive messages, including those from people who have been inspired to dig out their old telescopes, or even purchased their first.

Wylie said:”I recalled my own first time and how amazing it was, and I still get goosebumps looking through a telescope.

“There’s something very different about seeing the actual light of the moon or a planet magnified directly into your eye as opposed to looking at even the most detailed image of the same object.

“I liken it to the difference between watching a video of skydiving and actually jumping out of a plane.”