Video Viral

By Nelson Groom 

A landlady has captured the eerie moment she believes the ghost of a dead child played with a balloon inside her pub.

Gail Roberts, 42, was closing up at The Kings Mill in Wrexham, North Wales, on Saturday night when she spotted a blue balloon hovering inches from the floor.

She filmed the decoration drifting purposefully across the pub and moving through a stool before turning and rising behind the bar – in a way she claims is quite unlike the usual moment of helium-filled balloons.

Gail’s spooky footage has sent social media into overdrive, with thousands of commenters claiming the balloon’s strange movements could be blamed on the spirit of a child who passed away.

And astoundingly, one patron from earlier in the night told her she had felt a child clutching her leg while she was at the party – only to discover there were no kids present in the venue.

Gail, who said there has been several other hauntings at The Kings Mill in the past, said: “We had just locked up and were about to go to bed when I saw something moving.

“It frightened the life out of me. It stopped and started moving towards us, we could only watch in astonishment.

“At first we thought it might be a draft, but all the windows were closed. And the way it hit the chair then stopped and turned into the bar was nothing like that.”

Gail said when she filmed the footage there were 20 other balloons which had been filled with helium gas at the same time hovering on the ceiling – and none were moving.

After turning to social media to seek counsel on the paranormal encounter, Gail uncovered more sides to the story – including another chilling haunting.

Gail said: “One of the girls at the party said she thought she felt a child grabbing the back of her leg under the table. There was no children at the party.

“The balloon started at an adults height, then dropped down, so there’s a possibility it could be a child. There’s been a lot of messages from people saying they see a child carrying the balloon.

“This is not an isolated incident. We’ve had glasses flying off the bar, barrels crashing down, staff prodded on the back.”

Since Gail uploaded the footage, she has had interest from far-reaching ghost hunters hoping to investigate the watering hole for more paranormal activity.

She said she was not aware of any sinister history to the historic pub, but plans to continue trying to unlock the mystery of what she saw that night.