Offbeat Video

By Jamie Smith

This is the nail-biting moment that a daredevil slackliner braves the heights above Europe biggest theme park.

With the slackline rigged over a roller coaster, professional slackliner Alexander Schulz braved the 150 meter long and 1 inch thick line. News Agency

Breaking new ground, he was the first person in the world to tackle a slackline over a roller-coaster in Europa Park Rust, Germany.

As part of the record breaking stunt, Alexander, originally from Rosenheim, South Germany also gave a speech on stepping out of your boundaries.

Alexander, 26, said: “I did not only walk the slackline but did some tricks doing so and the audience cheered to me. News Agency –

“I enjoyed inspiring so many people with both my presentation and the highline crossing afterwards.

“I remember people coming to me at the party in the evening to tell me how caught and excited they were.

“This is a great feeling when you know that you maybe change some lives to the better. News Agency –

“It is a pity that the roller coaster was not driving during my crossing. Unfortunately I also could not get a ride afterwards as the park was doing their winter overhaul.

Alexander runs One Inch Dream – a company that fascinates people with world records and unique adventures.

You can find more about it at