Animals Video

By Chanel Livesey

A dog excitedly let out a visible cloud when he farted in his owner’s arms.

The hilarious footage shows Ace, the two-year-old Razor Edge Gotti Pitbull, letting out a puff of air when his owner picks him up,

But it wasn’t until she watched the video back that his owner, Cara Lee, saw the fart was so large that it was visible.

The footage was captured by Cara in her home in Tyler, Texas.

Cara, 21, said: “I took the video when I came home from the gym as I had accepted the “squat your dog” challenge.

“I didn’t expect the outcome that I received – but luckily it didn’t actually smell, and the only reason I noticed was from seeing it in the video.

“As soon as I watched the video I saw the fart and I died laughing.

“I sent it to my fiance who found it hilarious, and my family didn’t think much of it because Ace is so goofy all of the time.”