Animals Video

By Jack Williams

For this wacky pooch, its SPARK certainly is bigger than its bite.

In the bizarre footage, the dog, Richie, can be seen attempting to munch on sparks as they fly from a pipe that’s being cut with a circular saw.

At no point is the dog put off from attempting to bite the flashes, occasionally running around in excitement.

Pic by Timur Astapenko / Caters

Richie’s owner, Timur Astapenko, said that he discovered his dog’s love of playing with sparks only recently, when he took up a number of craft projects.

The moment was filmed near St. Petersburg, Russia, two weeks ago.

As Timur, 33, works, Richie continues to eat sparks – something his owner said is strange but he doesn’t consider dangerous.

He said: “Some say it could be dangerous, but if Richie were hurt, he would not do it.

“I recently started doing small crafts, and from the first day of my work, Richie started playing with sparks.

“He is a very curious dog.

“He’s always trying something new.”