Offbeat Video

By Ben Walley

Ever been so bored waiting for your flight you decided to do handstands on a travelator?

No neither have we, but personal trainer, Rose DiNuccio, 26, from North Andover, Massachusetts, found a way to keep herself occupied at Las Vegas airport on March 10.

Rose shows off her balancing skills as she performs the handstand on the airport travelator before boarding her flight.

She said: “I was with my mom and decided to do it about five minutes before we boarded our flight.

“It wasn’t difficult for me as I practice a lot of handstands and was actually coming back from a week-long handstand training course where I completed 30 hours of training in five days.

“Surprisingly I didn’t hear any comments when filming the video but it’s not uncommon to have some spectators and people amazed and in awe.

“I love doing stuff in public to spread the movement. To show others anything is possible with dedication, consistency and a vision.”