Offbeat Video

By Pete Goddard

This is a world record to wheelie make you dizzy!

Motorcycle stunt rider Sharunas Kezys managed to rotate while on one wheel of his bike a world record breaking 36 times in just one minute.

Pic from Caters News

And incredibly he maintained his balance while standing on the back wheel of the bike and holding up the 30 stone vehicle at the same time.

The Lithuanian beat the previous record of 34 turns at the Rak Road Riders event in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates on Saturday, March 24th.

He said: “Having learned that I had improved the record, I was in an euphoria. I did not expect to succeed, but succeeded. I believed it, and now next to me – the world Guinness record diploma.

“It was hard, there were many sleepless nights, but the main thing is not to be afraid to get out of your comfort zone – only then will you get something in your life, only then you will do something.

Pic from Caters News

He also revealed he hadn’t been able to train on the bike as weather in his home town of Utena had been so bad so he dealt with the dizziness by rotating on a wheelchair.

His attempt got worse when his motorbike arrived late in Dubai.

But Keyzs then competed against other moto acrobats at the biggest motorbike event in the Middle East and emerged victorious.

Organiser Nasser Tabah added: “This was one of a kind event and breaking the Guinness World Record was the cherry on top.”