Animals Video

By Curtis Mitchell 

THIS is the adorable moment a dog gets herself in line to order an ice cream.

Lola was filmed jumping up at the counter to ask for the sweet treat last month.

Her owner Daniel Keelan said that once Lola learnt that the servers were giving out tasty food she wanted some for herself.

The four-year-old golden retriever now does it every time they go to the parlour, according to Daniel.

He said: “We got her as a puppy and her main goal in life has always been to acquire more treats.

“She went with us to a ice cream shop one time and noticed the servers handing out delicious things that would go well in her mouth, thus she jumped up and ordered some for herself.

“Since then, she’ll do the same thing every time we go, and the staff is more than willing to oblige with a pup cup – soft serve with a dog bone on top.

“We don’t like her jumping up, but it’s impossible to resist that cuteness.”