Offbeat Video

By Ben Walley 

THIS is the adorable moment a frustrated toddler just can’t quite reach a water fountain to get a drink.

Little Parker Pelz tries in vain to get a sip – but can’t quite reach the source.

When even sticking his tongue doesn’t work he even tries to recruit the help of older brother Oliver to push the button.

The cute video was filmed by mum Candice in Indiana, United States.

She said: “This was absolutely hilarious, he just wanted a little drink so I said try this water fountain and he just couldn’t reach the actual water.

His brother even tries to help him.

“He kept trying and trying, he didn’t give up at all until after a few minutes I said to stop and gave him a proper drink.

“He was a little frustrated but he mainly just found it funny!

“He has watched the video back so many times and laughs his head off.

“He understands he has to wait to grow a little before he can drink out of a water fountain.”