Animals Video

By Liam Geraghty

This is the heart-warming moment a hunter turned hero to free a stricken deer trapped in a fence by its antlers.

Colin Asquith, 46, spotted the panicked animal while walking his dogs outside Elgin, Moray, at 8.30am on Monday (March 13) – and believes it could have been stuck like that all weekend.

The falconer immediately set to work in trying to free the roe buck, using a knife to cut its antlers free from the fencing before sending the wild animal on its way.

Shooting enthusiast Colin filmed the dramatic rescue before sharing it online in a bid to show hunters also have a heart.

The hobby has often been the target of controversy from animal activists but Colin insisted his video proves hunting devotees are not ‘kill-crazy monsters’.

Colin said: “The buck’s antlers were well and truly tangled in the fence but luckily I had a knife in my pocket for work so I was able to cut it free.

“It didn’t run off when it was free and it was actually a bit stiff – the landfill site where I work is shut at the weekend so it could have been there all the time.

“But it must have got a bit of circulation back in its legs because it was soon back into the forest. It felt good and I think it showed that bit of compassion that people don’t always think that we have.”

Colin insisted his life-saving antics prove hunters like himself take an ethical approach to wildlife.

He claims the pastime is about the sport and said he would not have shot the animal had he been armed at the time.

Colin said: “People who know me now that I am an ethical person and even if I had been shooting then I would have not killed the deer in that state if I had come across it.

“It is not about killing, it is about outwitting the animal. People think that hunters are kill-crazy monsters but that is not the case – I know I’m not the only one.

“It is nice to give something back when you can and that is why I decided to video it, to show that we don’t take everything for granted.”