Nature Video

By Jack Williams

This remarkably satisfying time-lapse shows the mesmerizing process of a kidney bean growing into a fully-grown plant.

Shot through a soil cross section, the footage shows how the bean first bursts and sprouts roots, before a stem and plant shoots out above the surface.

Capturing such a unique video was a painstaking process, Mindaugas Kriksciukas, of the YouTube channel GPhase, said, and it took a grand total of four attempts.

GPhase / Caters

The successful video was shot over 25 days, with Mindaugas, 27, setting his camera to shoot an image of the bean’s progress every nine minutes and 36 seconds.

The result was a rather jittery but engrossing clip, showing just how much plants can move during their earliest stages of growth.

The idea came to Mindaugas while he brainstormed what would make for an interesting time-lapse subject.

GPhase / Caters

Having remembered soil cross sections of roots from the biology books of his youth, the Lithuanian photographer thought that a time-lapse of such a cross section, and then growth, may have never been captured before.

Mindaugas, from Garliava, Lithuania, said: “Response was overwhelmingly positive – people have been commenting that they liked the video or find it amazing.

“On a normal timescale, plants move so slow that one could easily not notice how much they move.

“Seeing the motion, the action, growth itself is definitely the most fascinating thing about these videos.”