By Josh Saunders

An abandoned water park that looks like a ‘forgotten paradise’ has been captured in photographs days before its demolition.

With slides long dried up and the Amazonian themed décor devastated by graffiti, the final days look bleak for the once popular Atlantida Water Park in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria.


Photographer Bob Thissen captured these images shortly before the planned demolition of the Atlantida water park

The once vibrant palm trees are now wilted and the pipelines that joyful children whizzed through into the waters below now lie rusted.

The tourist attraction that closed in 2009 and is now set to be transformed into a 26million EURO (22million GBP) shopping centre.

The park closed down in 2009 and remained abandoned ever since

Photographer Bob Thissen, 31, from Herleen in the Netherlands, slid past demolition equipment to capture the eerie establishment’s final days.

He said: “The water park is pretty cool because it’s not an ordinary water park, as I have seen often before.

“It’s pretty large and it has a nice theme, you can see they spent quite a lot of money on the decorations – I especially liked the skeletons and cobra-head a lot.

With slides long dried up, the final days looked bleak for the once popular Atlantida Water Park in Puerto Rico

“Sometimes a location’s surroundings make it a lot cooler, to me this water park is a bit like a forgotten paradise.

“I like the tropical backdrop of the park, the palm trees and rocky mountains.

“Wherever I go I always search for some abandoned places to explore and try to combine this.

The Park will now be transformed into a £22 million shopping centre.

“It turned out I was just in time, demolition had already begun and some demolition equipment was already stalled at the entrance.”

Bob has been urban exploring, also known as ‘urbexing’, for over nine years and captured this location last year.

Bob said the Park looked ‘paradise’ in its good old days

He added: “Although I felt safe walking around the water park, almost the whole village could see me.

“I could see a few people calling on their balcony and didn’t want to spend hours in a police station.

“You never know how the police reacts to trespassers in foreign countries.


“So I made my way through the park, took my shots and left again”

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