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By Josh Saunders

New parents are celebrating their three-year infertility battle to conceive in loving shots showing the 200 vials and needles used to bring their baby boy into the world.

Alex and Chad Crawford, 31 and 36, of Jacksonville, Florida, USA, spent three years trying to conceive against ever decreasing odds.

After a year trying naturally, doctors determined they were suffering from unexplained infertility – meaning they had a 1-4% chance of falling pregnant, compared to the typical 20%.

They tried Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) five times over five months without luck and were left to progress onto IVF.


The hopeful-mum, was devasted to discover that of the ten grown follicles extracted, to fertilise outside her body, seven were empty, then of the three eggs, only one developed into an embryo.

Miraculously she fell pregnant and seven months ago, little Wells was born, his mum believes the struggle has helped her to appreciate the ‘little moments’ all the more.

Recently, she shared an image of her baby boy surrounded by the 200 medical vials and needles from their journey to conceive to encourage other parents not to give up.

Alex, a fashion buyer, said: “That picture was commemorating all the hard work, struggle and pain we went through to create Wells our perfect, beautiful little boy.

“We spent three years before having our son, including a year on our own without help from specialists, then we went onto IUI and IVF.


“I decided to share our story and put Wells out there because when we were going through harder times I would look for motivation online to keep me going.

“With him being one in a million if it gives one shot of hope to any mom who wants to be a mom out there then it’s a success.

“Those were all the 200 needles and medical vials that I used during the IVF and IUI process, there were a lot of them.

“The most devastating part of the process was being told that of the ten follicles seven of them were empty. It partially explained our infertility problems.

“I don’t have eggs typical for a woman of my age, which was why we couldn’t get pregnant as easily.

“I remember crying after the retrieval. One of my girlfriends gave me a hug and told me ‘It only takes one’ which was true, now we have our son and we feel very lucky and blessed.

“It was incredible seeing him for the first time, it was the culmination of all the pain and heartache coming to fruition. It was amazing.

“We spent three years waiting for him to be ours, now every time I look at him it feels incredible knowing the pain and heartache we experienced was all worth it.”


After being diagnosed with unexplained infertility, the couple explored other less invasive options, starting with IUI

Alex said: “We spent seven months trying and hundreds of negative pregnancy tests before being diagnosed with unexplained infertility.

“Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) takes the sperm and puts it closer to where it needs to go, we tried that five times over five months.

“After the first three times of IUI if you don’t fall pregnant, it’s unlikely to happen, your chances keep going down each time.”

The couple progressed onto IVF, with the hope of being able to conceive after the use of hormones and fertilising the egg outside of the body.

Alex said: “For IVF, you start with the medication that helps you to produce more eggs, so you can get as many as possible to cultivate. 

“They are given through daily shots for up to 12 days with daily monitoring to see how many eggs are growing.

“Of the three eggs only one fertilised that would become my son, he’s surely one in a million.”


Now the proud parents of seven-month-old Wells, they believe their journey has made them savour pregnancy and baby chores others may take for granted.

Alex said: “As hard as it was, I don’t think I would have been as good of a parent as I am now.

“Having struggled for so long to conceive, I feel like I appreciate all the little things so much more.

“I had an amazing pregnancy, I felt I was able to relish in it all the more because I wanted it to badly.” 

During their struggles, Alex went onto social media looking for hope to continue their battle to have a baby.

Since sharing her son’s pictures and the journey that shows what it took to bring him into the world she has been approached by others too. 

Alex said: “Recently within the past few weeks I had a girl reach out to me asking for my advice, it’s nice that we are still able to help others.

“I would say to any couples struggling to conceive that you need to keep your head up and your heart strong, nothing that’s worth it is easy.”