Video Viral

By Luke Kenton

It was a very special delivery in this homecoming surprise – as a soldier-to-be boxed himself up to surprise his baby brother with a visit home.

Arriving home from school, Connor Dobbyn, aged nine, thinks he’s in trouble with mum, Jessica Poth, for not warning her of a huge delivery to the house.

But little does he know this is all a ruse in anticipation of a surprise he’ll never forget.

Getting through the door at home in Cleveland, South Carolina, USA, little Connor can barely his eyes when he sees the huge box in the lounge with his name on it, letting half of a curse word slip out, much to the dismay of his mum.

Peeling away the tape, Connor is startled by a voice that booms from the box, but as soon as he realises it’s his brother Brad Marek, the fourth grader erupts in awe.

Jumping for joy, the two brothers – and best friends – lock in a long overdue embrace after several months apart.

Jessica, who captured the moment on camera, said: “Despite there being a 10-year age difference, the boys have been very close and spending time apart has been incredibly difficult for them.

“Brad is currently living in Florida where he’s training to be in the Army, so can only come to visit every few months and it means the world to Connor when he does.

“It’s always special when they get to spend time together.

“It’s so heart-warming as their mum to see this sort of bond between them, they really are the best of friends.”