Offbeat Video

By Sophie Norris

This long-haired pup has been turning heads as he looks like a real-life version of Nagging Doubt from Swinton Insurance’s latest ad campaign.

Oliver, the 15-month-old Pekingese, is actually one of the least popular dog breeds in the UK so he could be forgiven for being a little grumpy.

But now he’s enjoying new-found fame after his owners Lorraine Jessop, 49, and her husband Phil, 54, discovered he was the ‘spitting image’ of TV creature Nagging Doubt.

The directors of the advert claim Nagging Doubt is ‘something not identifiable as any creature you can relate to’ but Lorraine and her TV-mad hubby disagree.

In the adverts, the fluffy monster is everywhere the customers turn, including in the bedroom, in their kitchen and even the rubbish bin.


Lorraine believes there are five of Oliver because he is always hiding around corners waiting for her and he even waits by the shower when she’s in it – just like his on-screen doppelganger.

Lorraine, from Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, said: “My husband is always watching TV and saw the Swinton Insurance advert. When he called me over and said ‘that looks like Oliver’, I couldn’t believe it.

“Swinton Insurance say Nagging Doubt isn’t based on any animal but the likeness is unbelievable. Oliver is the spitting image.

“The thing with Nagging Doubt in the adverts is that he’s always there. Everywhere the guy turns, he’s there.

“That’s exactly what Oliver is like. Sometimes I joke that I think there’s five of him. It’s the way to looks at you with those big eyes too – just like on the advert.


“I don’t think I’ve had a shower without him sat there in 15 months.

“The way he watches you, it’s like you’ve done something wrong all the time.

“We’ve started calling him Nagging Doubt now and he actually answers to it.”

Secondary school teacher Lorraine has even started being approached by people when she’s walking Oliver and his siblings.

Usually people approach Lorraine as they have never seen a Pekingese before with only 200 believed to have been bred in the UK in the last year.

But sometimes it is because others see the likeness between the fluffy mutt and Nagging Doubt.

Lorraine said: “Pekingese dogs used to be the most popular dogs in the UK at the turn of the century but I think only 200 were bred here last year.

“I have four Pekingese and two Shih Tzus. When we walk Oliver and the other three, we’ve had cars pull over and say ‘oh my god, what are they?’

“We bred Oliver ourselves because we have his mum. He was the only one and sadly his mum rejected him so he was hand-reared.

“When he was young, we had to feed him every two hours with a bottle. Because both my husband and I work, we had to draft in my parents too so they love him like a grandchild.

“Oliver is full of fun and treats all of his toys are his siblings so is always playing with them.

“He’s full of life but can be grumpy. He doesn’t like having his photo taken.”

A spokesperson from Swinton Insurance said: “We thank Ms Jessop for sharing her photos and can definitely see the resemblance! We hope Oliver enjoys watching his doppelganger on TV.”