Offbeat Video

By Bethany Gleave 

The ghostly figure of a former RAF serviceman has been spotted by paranormal investigators at an abandoned airbase.

Kyle Thompson, 30, was shocked to see the towering apparition when he replayed video footage from his visit to the empty RAF Church Fenton base near Tadcaster, North Yorks.

Captured in the room where WW2 officers used to gather to drink and relax, the figure can be seen rising from the floor before walking out of the room followed by what Kyle claims are ‘balls of energy’.

The officer appears to have been a tall, imposing officer with a large beard when he was alive.

Kyle, from Barnsley, South Yorks, said:  “There were around 14 buildings in the base and we wanted to try and get in as many of them as possible.


“We found the bar area and as soon as we went in there we could hear voices. It was a really active area of the base.

“When we went into that room Dave told us he felt funny so we decided to video the room to see what we could spot.

“We didn’t notice the shape of the officer until we were editing and looking at the video later on.”

Kyle was amazed when he reviewed the video and saw they had been stood right next to an officer’s ghost.

He claims the former serviceman can be spotted rising from the ground before walking away, followed by the residue of his own powerful energy.

He said: “It’s a mist coming from out the floor as if he had been lying down and was getting up.


“The officer takes a few steps, looks directly at the camera before turning away and walking off.

“Then six or seven balls of light follow him. They just come out of nowhere.

“They aren’t specks of dust like some people say as they were pulsating. I think it was the rest of his energy following him out of the room.

“We have captured the figure before on previous visits but this is the clearest one.

“You can see that the figure is about six foot four and has a big white beard and you can see the outline of his shoulders.

“It all happens in the blink of an eye, and you can see it better when the video is slowed down.”

Warehouse worker Kyle, as well as friends Dave Saunders and Mark Gallagher, both 30, make up the Soul Reaper Paranormal group and spend their spare time exploring locations around the UK for unusual paranormal activity.

The trio have been friends since school and all enjoy exploring the locations so they can share their findings with the public.

Dad-of-two Kyle said: “We have known each other since school and we all go out and do this together.

“We really enjoy it and we like to do it in our spare time and almost always at night.

“We have been to the base before and we have had equipment turned off on us before and spotted other apparitions with our naked eye.

“RAF Church Fenton is one of our favourite locations and we always plan to go back there to see what we can capture.”