Life Video

By Ben Walley

An emotional video captured the moment an inspiring medical student announced his £85,000 scholarship to his mum and grandmother.

Devor Johnson, 18, from Augusta, Georgia, records his mother Nisharro Thomas, 40, as she reads his acceptance letter into Morehouse College, a traditional men’s liberal arts college, to study Biology.

Pic by Devor Johnson/Caters News

His grandmother, Sharon Bray, 59, was also thrilled to hear the news and can both be seen dancing around their front room.

Devor, who received the news on March 9, hopes to become a pediatric anesthesiologist and was offered prestigious scholarship worth nearly £85,000, over four years.

He said: “I found out a week before my parents did.

“I didn’t expect a reaction like that. I knew they would be happy but not that excited.

Pic by Devor Johnson/Caters News

“For the rest of the day, everybody was excited and couldn’t stop talking about it.

“I tried to be as calm as possible so I wouldn’t give it away but I was very proud of myself and started telling everybody except my family.

“Morehouse has always been my first choice since the 9th grade.

“Morehouse is one of the most prestigious HBCU’s in the country, not many people get accepted so to be one of the few that actually got in and received a really good scholarship, I was honored.”