By Sergey Bezberdy

This stomach-churning footage shows a daredevil highliner relaxing in a HAMMOCK 300 metres in the air.

In the nail-biting snaps brave Maksim Kagin tip-toeing across a precarious highline over an abandoned quarry near Ekaterinburg, Russia.

But when he gets half-way across, it all gets a bit too much – and he decides to whip out his hammock and chill out 300 metres in the air.

Maksim, 25, who has been highlining since 2013, said: “I’d been thinking about this project for a long time, and spent a lot of time preparing.

“It was pretty high – about 300 metres – and I needed to crawl to the centre of the line before I could get up and start walking.

“I made the hammock whenI got there to have a rest – after crawling 200 metres on my hands, I was so tired that I needed a break!

“This project was pretty hard for me, as the wire I was trying to walk on was not fastened to any stationary points – it was connected to both ends with other wires, so the whole thing was floating.

“I was actually scared of heights when I was a child – I tried to fight my fears by climbing trees and old buildings, and it escalated from there.

“Now, I love being up high!”