Offbeat Video

By Sophie Norris

This peckish toddler decided she’d take matters into her own hands by rooting through bras looking for milk.

Little Eve Jackson had been walking around Primark with her mum, Vicky Jackson, 35, when she made a bee-line for the underwear section and began checking the bras for breasts so she could have some lunch.

The 18-month-old was getting hungry but instead of enjoying milk on her mum’s terms, she decided to fend for herself and seek out some food all on her own.

In the minute-long clip, the little girl is frantically rummaging through the bras with her Tiger backpack behind her. At one point, she even seems to be checking them for nursing clips.

Her mum’s giggles can be heard in the background as Eve shouts ‘milk, milk’ while sifting through the bra racks.

Case manager Vicky, of Halesowen, West Mids, said: “Eve was entranced by them.  There were rows and rows of these bras that she must have thought they would have boobs in them.

“It was quite sharp of her to see the bras and think ‘I’m hungry and that’s where milk comes from’.

“There’s quite a lot of them on display and they’re quite shaped as well. The cups are often padded.

“She started looking through them and picking out the ones that looked like that might have boobs in them.

“She was going through them all and looking behind them and shouting ‘milk’. It was so funny.”

Vicky, her husband Sean Jackson, 42, and their three children, Eve, Isabel, 11, and Nat, 13, had been shopping in Merry Hill Shopping Centre, Birmingham, to buy holiday clothes when the little explorer decided to head to the lingerie department.

Refusing to traipse around after her dad and brother, and with it being lunch time, Eve and her mum were heading for the exit so Vicky could feed her.

Vicky said: “We’d just gone out shopping with Sean and Nat because we’re going on holiday to Turkey next week.

“My husband had gone off looking for stuff in Primark and I was chasing the baby around when she made a beeline for the bra display. She was wearing a Tiger reins backpack so I just followed her over.

“I was on my way to take her outside so I could feed her but she obviously had other other ideas and there’s no way she was going to stay with my husband and son. She’d got it into her head that she wanted milk there and then.

“I couldn’t believe it when she started looking through the cups. This went on for over a minute so I thought I’m going to film it because it’s really cute.

“She’s one-and-a-half now and breastfeeds for comfort or before bed. We’ve weaned her on to some solids too.

“Eve is very inquisitive. She was an early walker so she loves running around and exploring. Her speech isn’t great at the moment but I could tell straight away what she was looking for.

“My husband found it really funny when I showed him the video. It was so cute.”