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By Bilal Kuchay

A teenager with a 44lbs tumour covering his thigh and hip is desperately waiting for a life-changing surgery.

Muhammad Essa Pallari, 18, from Nooriabad in Karachi, Pakistan is suffering from plexiform Neurofibromatosis, a genetic disorder that affects the normal growth and development of cell tissue.

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Essa’s left leg is normal but his right leg above the knee has swollen to such an extent that he can’t stand on his feet and walk even a few steps.

The condition has left him completely bedridden.

Born to parents Allah Dino, 52, and Khatija Pallari, 42, Essa was quite normal till the age of 13.

His father, Allah Dino, said: “Five years ago, Essa noticed swelling in his right thigh not bigger than a table tennis ball.

“We ignored the tumour initially and it kept growing. In the last year it has grown more rapidly.

*** WARNING : GRAPHIC CONTENT *** Pics from Caters News

“He has since been completely bedridden and needs help in everything from changing clothes to going to washroom. We are worried about his future.”

A recent hospital check has revealed that the tumour had increased to more than 20kg (44lbs) in weight and nearly 50 cms in size.

Allah Dino, a father of seven children including six daughters, works as a tractor driver and earns a  mere £4 a day.

He said: “I couldn’t took my son to any good hospital on time because I didn’t had the resources.”

However, earlier this month a social activist named Zulfiqar Solangi posted Essa’s pictures on social networking site, Facebook, asking people to help him.

*** WARNING : GRAPHIC CONTENT *** Pics from Caters News

Local government intervened and offered him free treatment.

He was transported to Dr Ruth Pfau Hospital in Karachi in an ambulance earlier this week.

Zulfiqar Solangi said: “The family was too poor they didn’t had the resources to even afford travel and staying expense in Karachi thats why his tumour grew up to such an unbelievable size.

“I came to know about him two months ago and that time his tumour was only on his thigh but now the right side of his lower back is all covered with huge tumour.”

Doctors say that the tumour needs to be removed surgically.

Dr Naushad Sheikh said: “This is the case of plexiform Neurofibromatosis. The tumour can be removed through a surgery.

“We are constituting a panel of doctors including neurosurgeons and plastic surgeons within couple of days which will decide the further course and date of operation.

“Had this case been reported earlier the tumour would not have grown this bigger.”

Essa’s father, who is accompanying him to the hospital, added that he is hopeful of a successful surgery.

“I pray to God and hope everything goes well. I hope the tumour would be successfully removed so that my son can live a normal life,” he added.