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By Jack Williams

This lovable police dog has become a social media sensation, thanks to his wonderful array of HATS and goofy antics.

K-9 Jester has built up a following of more than 150,000 fans, as videos of him popping out of a police car wearing spinner caps, cowboy hats, SWAT team goggles – even reindeer antlers – have garnered many adoring responses.

The idea for the amusing shoots were devised by Jester’s handler, Jordan Walker, of the City of El Cajon Police Department, California.

As Jordan never had a social media account of his own, he decided to start a page for Jester a little over a year ago.

Pic by K9 Jester / Caters

Due to his dog’s playful and quirky personality, it soon became apparent that Jester was perfect for social media stardom.

The hats the dog wears tend to be seasonal, Jordan said, and videos of Jester simply goofing around have also amused followers.

Jordan said:”I knew with how special he is that he’d be popular, but never thought he’d be as popular as he is today.

“I’d describe Jester’s personality as goofy and funny, but when it comes time to work he is all business.

Pic by K9 Jester / Caters

“He’s an easy going dog that’s friendly and social, but you don’t want to end up on his bad side.

“I’ve had other handlers acknowledge how special he is and have been told they are jealous of me that I have such a great partner.

“The hats are usually picked based on what holiday is coming up, or just picked at random.

“Everyone’s favorite seems to be his spinny propeller hat and cowboy hat. The spinner hat fits his personality the best.”