Offbeat Video

By Jack Williams

This breathtaking video may look like it was shot from an aircraft, but it was actually captured by an everyday hobby drone, which its owner managed to fly more to a record 10 KILOMETERS (33,000 FEET) into the air – the height most airplanes cruise at.

Believed to be the highest point reached by a hobby drone, the footage shows the beautiful curvature of the Earth become more and more apparent as the plucky drone shakes and buzzes from the impact the increasing altitude, rising up above the clouds.


Due to strict laws on altitudes, previous reports of the highest-ever drone flight have claimed drones have reached heights of around 15,000 feet – but Denis Koryakin, from Serbia, was determined to far eclipse this.

Having prepared his tiny one-kilogram drone for months – and undertaken many practices attempts – Denis decided to push for the extreme altitude on March 9, 2018, roughly 10 kilometers away from the city of Strezhevoy.

Temperatures on the day of the flight, Denis said, were around -10 Celcius, and at around 26,246 feet, this dropped to -50 Celcius.


In total, the flight lasted 26 minute, with 32-year-old Denis able to capture a number of beautiful panoramic shots along the way.

Though laws say drones should not fly more than 400 feet in the air, in Russian, other reports have claimed, there is no mention of the altitude limits on drones.

The area is also said to have very few commercial flights, and those that do fly at higher altitudes in the region.

Denis said: “Since November 2017, I had been performing multiple tests on the drone in various configurations, as well as with abnormal Siberian frosts and strong winds, to understand how resistant to bad weather conditions my quadcopter would be.

PIC BY DENIS KORYAKIN / CATERS “The next step was to wait until the wind intensity was minimal at different atmosphere layers.

“I was not surprised [by the height reached], because I was approaching the goals gradually.

“Before this flight, I flew on several times, which helped me predict the limits my drone.

“This is not the last flight, and in the future I plan to make beautiful photos from a height.”