Video Viral

By Luke Kenton

This international female football star may keep a cool head on the pitch, but that certainly wasn’t the case when she stepped onto a ‘Slingshot’ ride and descended into a hilarious freak-out frenzy.

Midfield maestro, Megan Connolly, was enjoying a weekend away in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where she spontaneously decided to face her fears and conquer the menacing Slingshot ride – a catapult mechanism that shoots those brave enough 300ft in the air.

But what began as a moment of bravery quickly turns into an instant regret, with the panic beginning to surface in Megan as the seat tilts back.

Quick to voice her sudden concern, Megan exclaims ‘Oh my god’ several times over, ignoring her friend, Dallas Dorsoy’s, calming words of comfort, on March 15th.

As the chairs are launched into the air, Megan instantly unleashes into a terror-stricken shriek that bellows intermittently in tandem with her petrified expression.


Declaring ‘I’m done’ half way though the ride, Megan’s fear suddenly reprises and the screams surface once more – leaving Darcy gasping for air as she laughs at her Florida State Seminoles teammate’s despair.

21-year-old Megan, who is originally from Cork, Ireland, has declared never to ride a Slingshot again. She said: “We were all getting ready for bed when one of my teammates came into my room and said ‘we should all ride the slingshot.

“Originally me and Dallas said no, but 30 minutes later we were sitting in the chair.

“Before so, I was acting confident and pretending I was ready to go, but all of that changed the moment I sat in the chair.

“I always used to go on roller-coaster rides when I was younger – I loved the adrenaline rush.

“Bus as I’ve got older I’ve read a lot more about deaths on the news involving rollercoaster accidents and starting to fear them, avoiding them whenever I could.


“The slingshot was an impulse decision and once I was strapped in, all the thoughts began falling out – I just freaked out.

“My biggest fear was that my seatbelt was going to come loose.

“I honestly didn’t realise that I’d reacted that hilariously until I saw the video – I didn’t think I was that loud.

“When you’re that high up in the sky and going up and down, you’re not really aware of what you’re doing.

“It was pure fear that took over and I screamed for dear life, it’s all such a blur – I think I popped a blood vessel screaming.

“Dallas said it’s the funniest thing she’s ever seen, she had no idea I was going to freak out like that.

“She was trying to calm me down in the air but she couldn’t get her words out because she was laughing so much.

“I’ll never ride one of these ever again.

“I hope to go skydiving someday, but I’m not sure how well that will go now.

“I’ll probably pass out or go into cardiac arrest doing it, so if you see me on the news again in a couple of years, you’ll know why.”