Offbeat Video

By Ben Walley

A skydiver executed the perfect landing – as he fell from the sky onto a tiny bale of hay.

Nicholas Reyes, who has been a full-time skydiver since 2011, has nailed his perfect landing onto a bale of hay.

Despite having completed more than 6,000 skydives, this was the first time that Nicholas had done the trick.

This footage was recorded on Nicholas’ skydive in New Zealand.

Nicholas, 25, said: “I tried this trick on a jump before and didn’t get it quite right, so we went up for another jump, changed the set up a bit, and got it right on the second try.

“It felt amazing when I perfected it the second time round, it was the pure feeling of accomplishing a goal that isn’t an easy task.

“It may not look that impressive to some people but it is really so hard to explain just how hard it is to do that!”