Animals Video

By Harriet Whitehead

Meet the goofy goat who breaks out into a toothy grin whenever her owner gives her a groom.

Adorable footage captures Africa the nubian goat looking blissfully happy while being brushed by owner Gillian Nannery.

She was so content she even started to nod off when Gillian used a hairbrush on her neck in the hilarious film earlier this week which also captures her top lip wobbling with pleasure.

The elderly goat had been rescued by the 18-year-old college student from Washington, US, about a month ago after she developed a severe infection in her hoof.

Gillian, who also runs a small hoof care business Nannery’s Hoof Care, said: “The video is addictive. I can’t stop watching it.


“She fell asleep, you can see she’s dozing off because her head starts to drop. She looks blissful.

“I love taking pictures of her because of the faces she makes, she’s so sweet.

“I love the video because she looks so cute. Some people call her ugly because of her big nose and her eyes are far apart but I think she’s so cute.

“She has an underbite and is always smiling. She’s always so happy which is why I fell in love with her.

“The goats love attention. When I’m brushing her the others crowd around waiting to be brushed.

“Goats are very emotive animals, they really love affection.”

Animal lover Gillian, who keeps Africa at a friend’s farm, said the goat was at death’s door after picking up an infection but she’s now doing well.


Gillian said: “I come across a lot of goats in different situations and in this case she couldn’t stay where she was and I felt like I could give her the care she needs.

“She had an infection in her hoof and was anaemic which led to bottle jaw. Her condition was so bad that she nearly died.

“She’s the sweetest goat. She’s so funny looking and always follows me around the pasture.

“Even though I’m there to give her injections she will still come running up to me.

“She’s always hungry, boisterous and always wants treats. I have to give her medication orally and she just walks up to me and takes it like it’s candy.

“She’s 10 years old now so is an old lady. They usually live until the age of 11 to 18 but she’s a bit decrepit looking so I think she will be on the short end of the spectrum.

“I did think she would have to be put down because of the infection and she was so skinny but she’s always willing to eat which is good.”

“I grew up volunteering and helping out in animal sanctuaries.

“Growing up I loved goats. I thought they were so funny and I have bottle reared some – they are like children and always make me smile.”