By Mollie Mansfield

THIS hotel looks like your standard Manor – but the bedroom is far from average as it’s suspended by wires hundreds of feet into the air.

Despite basic amenities being available at ground level, guests have to sleep amongst the stars in the tiny two and a half metre wide pod.

PIC FROM Caters News

And the ‘bedroom’, which has a drop-net below it just in case, can sleep up to four people.

The circular pod bedroom can be reached by pulling yourself through climbing nets to reach the bed.

When they’re back to the floor, guests have full access to a swimming pool and games courts to relax after the surreal experience.

PIC FROM Caters News

The host, Veronique, describes the experience as ‘unusual’ and says that the pods are not adapted to the cold – but insists that if it does rain they put a hall under the trees for picnics.

The treehouses are available to rent in Fondettes, France and is currently listed on Airbnb.