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By Katy Gill

Heart-warming footage shows a two-year-old boy putting his dad in the recovery position after calling 999 for help.

Sebastian Marques had shown a keen interest in the emergency services and helping people after learning about it in playgroup.

Pics from Caters News

His parents, Marco and Natalie from Banbury, Oxfordshire, explained to their super-hero-loving son he could save lives by learning the recovery position and decided to teach him how to react in a potential emergency.

Whilst his dad was lay on his bedroom floor pretending to be in need of first aid attention, quick-thinking Sebastian automatically picked his father’s phone up before saying ‘Hello, 999? Daddy needs some help’.

After putting his father in the recovery position, the boy then tries to wake his ‘unconscious’ dad by tapping him on the face and giving him a kiss to let him know he had called for help.

Pics from Caters News

Marco, 30, said: “We both felt extremely proud.

“The passion he has for wanting to help people is something that would make anyone proud.

“My wife was pregnant at the time and I was going away with work for six weeks.

“I felt confident that they would all be well looked after.

“Sebastian surprises us every day with how clever he is.”