By Jamie Smith

This snap of a diver enjoying the crystal-clear waters of the Philippines couldn’t be more perfectly timed – as it looks as though a sea plane has landed right on top of him.

Pic by Jun V Lao/Caters News

Scuba instructor Jun Lao, 42, decided to take a quick selfie as he stopped teaching in time for lunch on a dive last month.

But it was only when he looked back at the picture later in the day that he realised it looked as though a nearby seaplane has got a bit too close for comfort.

Jun, 42, said: “I was working as an instructor in Coron Palawan.

Pic by Jun V Lao/Caters News

“I had just stopped teaching for lunch and decided to take a picture.

“I noticed that a sea plane had recently landed and wanted to take a picture of it for social media.

“It was only later that I realised my picture looked like it had landed right on my head.

“It made me laugh.”