By Mike Jones

As traffic goes, it’s a fairly odd reason for being held up.

But dozens of commuters are delayed every day in the town of Kasese, Uganda – because the road is temporarily transformed into a RUNWAY.

Locals cars and bikes are held up at a level crossing every day, so that planes can land and take off from the airport.

PIC BY Christophe Courteau / CATERS NEWS

They pass just feet from the waiting crowds, who are held back from the road by a hand-operated barrier.

Photographer Christophe Courteau, 49, from France, managed to snap pictures of the bizarre scenes as he travelled to take pictures of gorillas in the nearby mountains.

He said: “I took this plane as a transfer from the Town of Kasese to Kisoro, on my way to Rwanda.

“I noticed this unusual Air Strip crossing the main road and the people on standby on both side of the road, behind a fence, exactly like when a train is crossing a road, but this time it was a plane !

PIC BY Christophe Courteau / CATERS NEWS

“There is only one plane per day, in the morning, one landing, one take-off.

“Kisoro has a very small local airport with a single Air Strip.

“When a plane is going to land or take off, the main Road is obviously closed, and the drivers must wait for a while on both sides of the blocked road, until the plane is gone.

“Then, the operator lift the gates and releases the very impatient drivers in a fury.”