Animals Video

By Chanel Livesey

This Shetland pony has used her small size to her advantage and has found an easier way of getting over fences – by going under them!

The pony, affectionately named Oreo’s double stuffed, along with her friend, Caramel Sunday, were playing around in the indoor arena when Stuffing decided she had other plans.

The partners in crime were both rescued from slaughter by horse trainer, Sharon Larson, 44 and her husband, who run Horse and Hound Stables in Enon Valley, Pennsylvania.

Sharon, who has owned the pair for a year, said: “My husband and I were in our indoor arena letting the two of them play when the video was taken

“We laughed hysterically at their human personas being one an overachiever and Stuffing doing the task as “efficiency” as possible.

“Stuffing was a rescue along with Sundae from a kill buyer, and both have human-like personalities. Stuffing does a multitude of tricks, both taught and ‘self-taught’.”