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sea turtles

By Luke Kenton

These sea turtles get by with a little help from their friends – as adorable fish congregate to help to clean the dirt from their backs.

The tatty turtles queue up in their numbers for a much-needed shell-shine, on the outskirts of the Big Island, Hawaii, USA, where they’re given the full TLC experience by a shoal of friendly fish.

The yellow and black tang fish clean algae and dead skin in this symbiotic service which offers benefit to both the sea turtles and fish.

The fish swarm the unclean amniotes, sucking and scraping the dirt from their backs, cleaning their shells while in-turn filling themselves up.

James Kashner, who caught the spectacular encounter during a scuba session, said: “It was such a beautiful and peaceful experience.

“I find turtles utterly fascinating, they’re by far my favourite animal to interact with.

“It almost seemed like they were smiling as they were getting their shells cleaned.

“I felt very lucky to be up that close and witness such a wonderful sight.”