Video Viral

By Kim Reader

A van driver has been caught on camera negotiating windy roads and roundabouts ‘at 30mph’ – with a man clinging to the back of the vehicle.

The shocking dashcam footage was captured by electrician Jodie Brown as he was driving between jobs on Navigation Road in Worcester last Thursday (March 15) at around 9:40am.

Jodie, 38, was pootling along when the Corsers Plastering Services van appeared from around a bend with a man in jeans, a jumper and trainers standing on the back bumper and gripping onto the roof.


The dad-of-one was so stunned by the sight he let slip an expletive – and can be heard muttering ‘what the f***?’ in the video.

But in hindsight Jodie admitted he shouldn’t have been surprised as he described the stunt as nothing unusual for ‘crazy’ builders.

Jodie, of Worcester, Worcestershire, said: “I spotted the guy on the back as soon as the van came around the bend and I actually said ‘what the f***?’ I was so shocked.

“I figured the driver would pull over after coming round the corner but he just kept on going.

“They must have been going at about 30mph, it was quite humorous to see.

“The road they started on is always really quiet but at the end of the video when we parted ways, they were actually headed into the city centre.

“The city centre would have been much busier so I imagine there would have been quite a few raised eyebrows.

“It probably looks a lot more dangerous than it actually was although when the lorry went passed I did think ‘if he fell off now it would be messy’.


“The guys probably done it loads of times before. The van was probably rushing off and he just jumped on the back, it’s the sort of thing builders get up to.

“Being an electrician I’ve spent a lot of time on building sites and they’re always getting up to crazy stuff like spinning around in cement mixers.”

While he found the incident funny, Jodie didn’t get the reaction he’d hoped for when he showed the video to other people.

Jodie’s wife wasn’t too impressed while members of a Facebook dashcam group he shared the video on criticised his driving instead of reacting to the van’s external passenger.

Jodie said: “I thought it was really funny but I showed it to my wife and she’s got more important things to do looking after a newborn baby.

“She told me to stop messing around and help out.

“Then I put it on this Facebook group and all anyone did was criticise my driving saying I got too close to the van so I took it down. They can be a funny bunch in those groups.”