Offbeat Video

By Luke Kenton

This tiny toddler could be a sporting superstar in the making, after learning to snowboard just two months after taking his very first steps.

The apple doesn’t seem to fall very far from the tree in the Schmitz family, from Germantown Wisconsin, as 18-month-old, Sawyer, is already following in his dad’s sporting footsteps as a master of the slopes.


Despite taking his first steps just two-months earlier at 16-months old, the adorable toddler possesses the poise of a consummate professional – elegantly gliding down the beginner’s slopes without the slightest sign of hesitation or fear.

Completing several successful runs with an amusing expression of nonchalance, a very proud dad and former snowboarding instructor Matt, 44, watches on, cheering at the little maestro’s impressive efforts.

‘Blown away’ by her son’s natural athletic ability despite his tender age, 44-year-old mum, Laura, said: “At only six-weeks-old, we were already taking Sawyer out on adventures, from camping on the beach, to hiking and even kayaking.

“So, introducing him to his first board just a few weeks after walking felt right.


“Matt was a snowboarding instructor for years and competed heavily in the sport – he thought it’d be best to trach Sawyer from a young age at this point they’re fearless and have an unlimited capacity for learning.

“He started teaching Sawyer by attaching a roper to the board and the pull him around the living room, getting him accustomed to the balance and the board itself.

“From the first day, his ability to balance was very natural – who would’ve thought this would be the case, having only just learnt to walk.

“I think it’s because we’ve taken him on so many adventures that nothing phases him.

“He always has a very casual look on his face, as if to say ‘mom, dad, I’ve got this’ – it’s hilarious.


“We continue to be blown away by his ability to learn, despite being such a late walker.

“He is a very intelligent child and already appears to have a natural athletic ability.

“My husband is very competitive in sports and I believe Sawyer will also have this knack for natural athleticism.

“I remember Sawyer stopping everything to watch Shaun White winning the gold at the Olympics – he was drawn to the sport right away.

“Watching Matt teach Sawyer makes me so proud, not just as a mom but also a wife.

“We are both so excited to see how he progresses next year.”