Amazing Video

By Luke Kenton

This crane murmuration had local residents double-taking at the sky, as the stunning formation appears to be a ‘War of the Worlds’ invasion at a first-glance.

In Loano, Italy, resident’s native to the small town on the Italian Riviera stood were left stunned in the street, as a baffling pattern seemed to hovering in the sky, two weeks ago (March 7).

With several jagged lines of black dominating much of the blue above, the arrangement seemed reminiscent of the famed War of the Worlds’ alien tentacles.


However, reassured by the crowing of birds as she ran outside to capture the profound encounter on film, Bianca Primula, 66, was left stunned to realise the source of the pattern was a mass-migration of cranes to the area.

Singing in full-voice, the several-hundred cranes appear to be almost still in the sky as they retain their formation perfectly, as they dance to the east.

Housewife Bianca, who has never witnessed this phenomena before, said: “The birds were in such a tidy formation, it certainly isn’t a common sight to see in the area – it’s certainly a first time for me.


“I wouldn’t have thought I’d ever see so many, particularly in such a beautiful formation – it was quite the sight to behold.

“I immediately began to film the unusual and spectacular passage, which lasted just a few minutes.

“They could’ve been a thousand of them up there, I consider myself so lucky to have been at the right place, at the right time for those few minutes.

“I’m so glad I can now look back and remember that exciting event.”