Animals Video

By Curtis Mitchell

This cute little critter was found on the roadside all on its own.

The little possum’s mum was nowhere to be found and Eric Winkler made the decision to rescue the little guy and get him some help.

Possums usually stay with their mother for a year after birth – either staying in her pouch or clinging to her back.

The 29-year-old took the little joey home and eventually found it a rescue centre to live at.

Eric said: “I’ve never seen anything like this. In fact, I just moved to Melbourne, Aus last month so I never even seen a ring tailed possum before. I had to ask someone what it was after I picked it up.

“He was alone and at first I thought it was a mouse then I realized it was a cute furry thing. But there was no sign of mom around and I waited for about 20 minutes

“I brought it home and kept it warm in my hands and called Victoria wildlife people where they instructed us to go bring Fur Nugget (this is what I started calling him) to the vet and they will come pick him up to bring him to a sanctuary.

“It was the absolute happiest day of my life because any time I feel sick or down I look at baby animal pics and one just finally came into my life.”