Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen

Adorable footage shows a puppy taking a tumble – as she flies down the stairs. 

Penelope the Pug, a 14-week-old puppy, can be seen enthusiastically trying to tackle the stairs, before flying down the final set.

And despite not mastering the stairs on this occasion, Penelope’s owner, Jordan Johnson, insists that she has got a lot better. 

This footage was captured by Johnson in his home in Conroe, Texas.

Jordan said: “My other dog, Skye, was trying to teach Penelope to master the stairs. 

“I thought it was hilarious, but I was a little concerned at first that she may have hurt herself. 

“She jumped right back up and attempted it again though, so no issue there!

“Even thought the video was short, we probably played on the stairs for another 45 minutes after that.

“She’s got a lot better at using the stairs now and has more trouble going up the stairs than she does down now – and we have yet to see another flop like the one in the video.”