Offbeat Video

By Luke Kenton

This hard-working grandmother has cared relentlessly for her seriously ill mother and so, to show his appreciation for all the hard work she does, her brother surprised her with the car of her dreams.

In Belle Rose, Louisiana, Tammy Medine is moved to tears in front her friends and family, reading a letter of appreciation – written by her brother, Jason – that outlines her lifetime dedicated to caring for others.

But an emotional letter isn’t the only surprise in store for Tammy, thanks to the generosity of her youngest brother.

Between a full-time job, Tammy cares around the clock for her mother, who suffers from multiple illnesses, and husband, Allen’s, mum, who suffers from dementia.

Dedicating the past six years to improve the well being of her own mother and Allen’s, Tammy has drivenfrom pillar to post, running errands for each of them in her 18-year-old Mercedes E320 – but Jason thought it was time for an upgrade.

After reading the letter, a voice calls out, ‘There’s something on the driveway for you’, and Tammy’s legs nearly buckle beneath her when she steps outside to see what it is.

Gasping for air as the tears stream relentlessly down her face, Tammy cries, ‘Thank you’ several times to her brother as she marvels at her brand new white Mercedes – but Jason continues to reiterate that it’s him and the rest of the family who’re the grateful ones.

Delighted his wife finally knows what a ‘special lady she is’, Allen, who was on hand to capture to heartfelt moment, said: “My wife and her brothers all help to take care of their mother, but Tammy, due to logistics and time availability, has the bulk of the work.

“She also helps me with my mother, who is in a home for dementia patients.

“Jason wanted to show how much he and his brothers appreciated Tammy’s selfless efforts to care for their mother.

“I wanted her to have the car because she deserves the best and I love her with everything within me.

“It was a real joy to watch her drive off in that car, with tears still in her eyes from all the excitement.

“My wife is a very special lady.

“I’m honoured to call her my wife and will tell the whole world just how special she is.”