Life Video

By Lauren Fruen 

A MUM and her teen daughter are forming a formidable team fighting crime in the US as a pair of BOUNTY HUNTERS.

Tracy Gonzalez enlists the help of her 16-year-old daughter Gracie to help find the criminals who have skipped bail.

Schoolgirl Gracie will “set up” felons before her 51-year-old mum swoops in to catch them on the run.

Pic by Nancy Reynolds/Caters News

Bondsmen hire Tracy to bring in the criminals who’ve skipped bail.

From there the bounty hunter and her team try to track down the felon and bring them to justice.

It is at this point Gracie helps by using her “secret” skills to track down the criminal online and locate their whereabouts.

Tracy said that it all comes naturally for the teen who has grown up around the justice system.

She even left her as a baby with jailors when out on a job who “looked after, hugged and loved her”.

Tracy, who lives with her husband and Gracie in Georgia, America, hopes that once day her young daughter will take over the company she has built up for her.

Pic by Nancy Reynolds/Caters News

Mum-of-two Tracy said: “Gracie is my baby. We are extremely close. I have a 32-year-old daughter so Gracie was my late in life baby.

“She is proud of the work I do.

“She does not think what she does is particularly interesting – it’s all she knows.

“But she is great at the technology side of things. You have to be nosy and she is.

“She helps out with that side of things and she is very good at it.

“She is the best tracer you will ever come across.

“Gracie has helped on so many cases, it’s crazy. She normally gets the 2am call from me when I’m at a dead end and need more info.

“She does a lot of things that unfortunately I can’t share because it will reveal our techniques.

Pic by Nancy Reynolds/Caters News

“But she used one of her secret techniques on one guy who was wanted out of Colorado. We found him in Savannah thanks to Gracie. She set him up and we got him in a hotel.

“At 18 she can become a bail agent and at 25 she can become a full time bounty hunter.

“Since she was born this is the only life she has known.

“I can remember when she was a baby I was a young agent and I would have to go to the jail.

“It may have been a Friday night and I would take her with me. I remember the jailors took care of her.

“They would care, love and hug her. They were her family.

Pic by Nancy Reynolds/Caters News

“I remember if she was ever naughty then I couldn’t really threaten her with telling the sheriff as she knew him.

“She does get worried for me when I go out on the road and said I should delegate out.

“But I was out as recently as yesterday.

“I would love her to take over the business one day. I have built this business for her and want her to be the heir. That would be my dream.

“I have been doing this since I was 30-years-old. I was working in a law enforcement agency.

“An older bail agent said I could get be getting more money. I started working for them and the rest is history.

“I left the sheriff’s office and have now built my own company.

Pic by Nancy Reynolds/Caters News

“In the US, Commercial Bail is the only accountable form of pretrial services and it is done at zero cost to the taxpayer.

“Every day is different. You can go two or three days without sleeping. We have an established network of bounty hunters.

“It is very dangerous. You should never do it alone – we go out in teams.

“You never know what is on the other side of the door. People have shot at me. They have tried to run me over.”