By Charlotte Nisbet

 A Royal Air Force sergeant has been forced to fundraise £350,000 to save his own life after being diagnosed with brain cancer.

Jordan Brown has been part of the British Armed Forces for the past 20 years but now, while fighting for his life, he has been told he’ll have to research treatments overseas to save his life.


The fit and healthy 36 year old, was first diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumour last April after suffering from a seizure in his sleep.

And now the dad-of-two – who has fought for the country in both Afghanistan and Iraq – has just one month before his life insurance cover ends.

He was told by his insurers that because he’s classed as terminally ill that he has just 12 months to die before his cover ends.

Devastated, Jordan and his wife, Debbie, 42, are now trying to fundraise to find new treatments to keep him alive.

Jordan said: “I have served my country for 20 years and have paid for life insurance cover since I joined the RAF.


“I was shocked when they turned around and said they’d only cover me for 12 months as being terminally ill meant I wouldn’t live past that, which I already have.

“This means that not only do I need to raise money to save my own life but the extra funds we were getting through my life insurers will now end.

“They won’t even re-insure me as to them, I’m supposed to have died already.

“I can’t fault the NHS but we don’t have anymore options, I’ve already had one brain surgery which wasn’t successful.

“My tumour couldn’t be removed and with my body not reacting well to chemotherapy or radiotherapy, I’ve been on life prolonging medication since December.

“I have been through a lot in my life and although this hasn’t been the scariest thing I’ve been through it has taken its toll on me emotionally.

“I can no longer read bedtime stories to my five year old daughter, Grace, or help my ten year old son, Sam, with his homework as I have brain damage from my surgery.


“I haven’t been to work since my diagnosis as I’m not fit enough to do so.

“Even though doctors have said my brain tumour is terminal I’m still looking for other options.

“We decided to set the fundriaser up last year in an attempt to give me a second chance at life.

“And if it won’t save me we’ll put it towards brain cancer research so it can improve the outcome for others.”

Jamie had no symptoms before his diagnosis but after a siezure in his sleep, his wife, Debbie, called an ambulance.

It was then while in hospital that he had a CT and MRI scan to

He said: “It was a shock when doctors found an orange sized mass on the left hand side of my brain.


“It was brain cancer and I needed brain surgery while awake so they could determine if they could remove it.

“But because it was growing from the middle of my brain it was impossible to remove.

“The chemotherapy made me severely unwell while at Addenbrookes Hospital so that was stopped in December.

“Ever since I have been trialing different types of medication to try and control my seizures.

“It’s a losing battle as the tumour continues to grow but we won’t give up hope as treatments continue to improve.


“I wish there was more options available to me in the UK but brain tumour research doesn’t have enough funding.

“And because of this I’m having to ask people to donate so I can watch my kids grow up.”

To donate, visit: HERE.