Life Video

By Luke Kenton

This adorable baby has already proved himself to be a true daddy’s boy, after an attempt by his mum to make him say ‘Mama’ escalates into a shouting match for ‘Dada’.

Little Amari Young, from Clinton, New York, may only be nine months old, but he’s already proving to be quite the prankster, as his mum, Andrea Blehar, found out one evening, while trying to teach him to speak.

Having already said ‘Dada’ for around four months, Andrea was hoping she’d finally hear the word ‘mama’ for the first time, after Amari had only muttered it on a few occasions before stopping completely.

Coaxing the cheeky tot to say ‘mama’, Amari raises a mischievous grin before saying ‘dada’, giggling and flapping his legs around with pride as he does so, as if it’s all part of a hilarious windup.

Going back and forth, the 31-year-old makes little ground with her youngest child, who refuses to relent his loyalty to his dad, Leonardo, on February 24.

Attempting to stifle her own laughter so not to encourage him, Andrea raises her the tone of her voice, emphasizing ‘ma’, which is met with an eruption of ‘dadas’ by Amari, outright refusing to utter her maternal name.

Admitting that her partner, Leonardo, is enjoying his son’s public declarations of allegiance, Andrea, a hemodialysis technician, said: “Amari has been saying ‘dada’ since he was about five or six months old.

“He said ‘mama’ a few times around then, too, but he just didn’t say it again after that.

“It’s so funny to see him say it, because he looks at me so cheekily – it’s almost as if he knows what he’s doing.

“He’ll even just look at something, say ‘Da’, and stare at me, smiling.

“I couldn’t stop laughing when he was doing it, he makes me laugh harder than anyone – not a day goes by when he isn’t doing something crazy.

“He’s a very happy baby and he’s always smiling.

“He has a permanent smile on his face all day, every day.

“He’s definitely a daddy’s boy, but he loves his mama a lot as well.”