Life Video

By Lauren Fruen 

THIS shocking footage shows the immediate aftermath of the Florida bridge collapse which has left “several dead”.

The clip was taken just seconds after the horrifying crush when the newly installed pedestrian bridge fell.

One picture shows flattened cars after the 950-ton bridge buckled at Florida International University in Miami earlier this afternoon.

Eyewitnesses described the moment cars were “squashed” under the structure.

Videos show the emergency services trying to get under the bridge to trapped cars.

Onlooker Franky Rivera said: “Workers were on top of the bridge working on it when it literally fell on top of the cars.

“Workers fell and got hit as well. People started rushing to help the workers. Cars completely flattened.

“First we heard crashing. We heard the cars crashing so we ran out and saw it tumbling down.

“It had already squashed a few cars.”

Florida Highway Patrol Lt Alejandro Camacho said the number of fatalities was unclear.