Animals Video

By Caters News

Forget mixed martial arts, this mixed MARMOT arts showcase saw two lovable rodents fighting in front of amused onlookers.

Standing on their hind legs, the marmots pushed and grappled as Daniel Brown and others watched on.

The scene took place in Jasper National Park on July 31, 2017 – but Daniel, 21, didn’t release the footage until recently.

Daniel, from Northville, Michigan, said he found the scenes amusing, comparing the marmots to two drunks.

The marmots were fighting for a number of minutes before he began filming, Daniel added, before both conceded.

Daniel said: “Both marmots ran out from under a rock and began fighting, as seen in the video.

“Concluded with running away from one another as well.

“I had never seen a marmot until that day, so I had definitely never seen something like that before.

“Most people find the video quite funny or cute, comparing it to two drunk men pushing each other at a party.”