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By Josh Saunders

Meet the WORLD’S BIGGEST PUPPY bred to replicate an extinct ancient dog, now weighing a whopping 12 stone (180lb) and stands at staggering six-foot-tall.

At nine-months-old, enormous Euphrates eats an impressive eight cups of a dog food a day and plays with a 4×4 piece of fence post.

PICS BY JARED HOWSER / CATERS NEWS: Now at a whopping 12 stone and on her hindlegs she can reach six foot, she is believed to be the worlds largest puppy – playing with her block of wood as twigs are too small

She is an American Molossus, the first litter of selectively breeding that is believed to be the closest genetic descendent of the 5,000 BC Mesopotamian Molossus.

Due to its massive build and fierce appearance, the extinct protector would strike fear into aggressors with tales of their strength living through legend.

After calling hundreds of breeders and Guinness World Records, owner Jared Howser, 41, of Salt Lake City, Utah, believes she is the biggest puppy in the world.

PICS BY JARED HOWSER / CATERS NEWS – People often confuse her for a fully-grown adult

The public often gasp upon seeing the colossal canine that cost $5,000 (3.6kGBP) and can’t believe how big she is for her age, often confusing her for a fully-grown adult.

Jared, a carpenter who makes kennels for XL dogs, said: “It’s unreal and unheard of, at nine months her size and strength is far beyond what I thought it would be.

“When she stands on her hind legs she is six-foot-tall, that’s only at nine months too, on all fours to the withers, the tops of her shoulders she is 31.5 inches.

“If she was to stand she is big enough to look out of the peephole on our door.

PICS BY JARED HOWSER / CATERS NEWS: Here is Euphrates shortly after she arrived with the family, now nine months on and two massive growth spurts laters shes a whopping 12stone


“I’m 260lb and 6ft 3, but if she decided to run I couldn’t hold her on the leash, she could drag me down the road with ease.

“Just from wagging her tail if she catches your knees, she can take down a grown man down no problem.

“We have a pitbull who she plays tug of war with, they are known for the ability to pull more than their own weight, but Euphrates she just sits holding the other end in her mouth unaffected and not budging at all.

PICS BY JARED HOWSER / CATERS NEWS: Here is Euphrates shortly after she arrived with the family,

“When people look at her, they are surprised and asked how I’ve been able to keep her under control, joking that I must be a lion tamer.

“Most people think she is a fully-grown dog when we take her out in public, when we tell them she is a nine-month-old puppy their jaws hit the floor.

“They natural reaction is ‘holy cow’ or ‘this is the biggest dog I’ve ever seen’, then they want to pet her and she’s very affectionate.

“At nine months there simply isn’t another dog 180lbs and 31.5 inches to withers anywhere else in the world, she is an anomaly.

“We’ve looked up online and called the Guinness World Records, reached out to hundreds of breeders to see if any dog comes closer to her size for this age and there’s nothing.”

PICS BY JARED HOWSER / CATERS NEWS: Jared and Euphrates at eight weeks

So far, Euphrates who was the largest of the litter has had two growth spurts that took place over a couple of weeks each time.

He says that her vast alteration in size over a short period of time left her clumsy as she was having to readjust to her size on a daily basis.

Jared said: “She had two growth spurts, in that time period she was so clumsy because she was getting vastly bigger every day.

“I never expected that she would be this big when we first brought her home, at four and a half months old she was already 136lb (10stone).

“By six months old she was tall enough to reach the kitchen counter while sitting down.”

Jared started looking for a larger dog after witnessing a home invasion, where traumatically he watched as a burglar throw a 9st 4 (136lb) Cane Corso dog out of a window to its death.

PICS BY JARED HOWSER / CATERS NEWS: Now at a whopping 12 stone

After consulting with a breeder, he was told about the American Molossus breeding programme and would go onto become one of the first to adopt one.

Jared said: “The Molossus of ancient Mesopotamia was a magnificent animal. With a black brindle coat as dark as the night and a massive build, they were fierce in appearance.

“These dogs made men tremble at their sight. With a profound sense of loyalty, these giants would defend against any man or beast that threatened the safety of their masters.

“The only two direct lines coming from that ancient dog are the English and Neapolitan Mastiff.

“Through selective cross-breeding those two breeds it’s given us the closest living relative to the ancient breed that we now know as the American Molossus, a bona fide relic from the ancient past.”

PICS BY JARED HOWSER / CATERS NEWS: For comparison, Euphrates and teen son Shakespeare – she is huge

Since bringing Euphrates home, he claims that every other car apart from his own, in the neighbourhood has been broken into.

Despite being a natural protector and intimidatingly sized pup, in public the mountainous Molossus is very friend, gentle and caring,

Jared said: “The hope is to avoid any violence, she is a big scary dog, I live in a good area but we are the only house on our block not to have had our car broken into since having Euphrates.

“She is gentle but her guardian nature is very good too, we’ve made little tests by making sounds at night and she investigates every single one.

PICS BY JARED HOWSER / CATERS NEWS: Here is Zorba the mastiff, who is a huge dog, compared to Euphrates she likes tiny

“She is very affectionate with us, when we take her out in public she is very affection with children and women especially.

“If anyone reaches out a hand to stroke her, her tail will start wagging, if you don’t look her in the eyes she will be friendly but will posture against you.”