Video Viral

By Bethany Gleave

This is the adorable moment an inconsolable four-year-old confesses to her mum that she can’t eat her Billy Bear ham because it ‘looks too cute’.

Zuriya Mbuthia, had been refusing to eat her Billy Bear ham in her lunch box for weeks with mum, Wambui, 40, thinking she was just too full to eat it.


However, after a tearful confession Wambui, who is originally from Kenya but lives in Dublin, found out that her animal loving daughter couldn’t bring herself to eat the ham because the teddy bear face was ‘too cute’.

Wambui said: “It broke my heart when I realised why she wasn’t eating it. I just thought she was full so didn’t want it.

“She was so upset about it, I felt really bad. I didn’t know someone could feel that way about a piece of ham.

“She loves animals and anything that is cute so I think that is why she refuses to eat it.

“I asked her why she wouldn’t eat it and she finally told me it was because it was ‘too cute’.

“My heart broke seeing her so upset.


“I told her we can keep it in the fridge and make sure no one eats it. But now she keeps on opening the fridge to double check it is still in there.

“It’s hard because I am going to have to throw it at some point but she is very protective over it.

“She was inconsolable when she was telling me why she couldn’t eat it.

“Zuriya always picks it up when we go shopping but now I know it’s because she thinks it’s cute, not that she thinks it tastes nice.”


After her daughters adorable confession stay-at-home mum Wambui has vowed to avoid the character shaped ham in her local supermarket and hasn’t packed any in Zuriya’s lunchbox since.

Wambui said: “I haven’t given it to her since. It broke my heart to think she was so upset about it and I just kept giving it to her.

“She always used to pick it up when we went shopping but now I avoid the aisle so she can’t see it.

“She will eat normal ham so we’re sticking to that from now on.”