Animals Video

By Bilal Kuchay

This is the hilarious moment a mongrel knew exactly how to utilise the pointed hooks of a heavy car parking chain and a motorbike mudguard for its itchy back.

The helpless brown stray dog was seen looking for something to comfort its itchy back near a famous shopping mall in New Delhi when it stumbled upon the rear mudguard of a motorbike standing along a link road.


In no seconds, it ran to rub its back on the hard material but disturbed by the public and vehicular movement, the mutt veered a few meters ahead and found a thick iron chain tied in a parking lot.

The brainy hound was then seen conveniently using the pointed hooks of the chain to relief its itchy back-seemingly enjoying the feeling.

The dog’s intelligence caught the attention of several mall goers on Wednesday evening, one of whom Mahipal Rautela quickly captured the moment on his mobile phone camera.

For about two minutes, the canine kept rubbing its back on the chain before it found complete relief and left from the place.